Truly Loyal

One thought comes to mind when I think of Loyal, and that thought goes to my Sophie. I always heard people say dogs are a man’s best friend, they are loyal and care so much for their human; after being fortunate to have my Sophie in my life, I must agree.

Through thick and thin, through moving states, introducing my now husband into our life, gaining 2 step-children, a cat, recently having a baby, my Sophie has been through it all; being as big of a sweatheart as a pup can be.

Years, years ago I was in a not-so-healthy relationship where I was faced with turmoil brought on by my ex-husband; for no other reason then to be hateful towards me he put me in a corner and wanted to give away, our dog at the time, Sophie.

I thought how could anyone want to get rid of such a sweet, gentle, caring pup? She did not mess on the floors; nor was she aggressive or misbehaved. She was loyal; always greeting us at the door; tail wagging – eyes expressive telling us how much she loved us and missed us when we were away every day. She just wanted to sit with us, play games, and show us love. So how could someone want to get rid of her, nevermind someone who found her with me and took her in; made her part of our family?

When faced with such a decision I stood up for myself; I pushed back and said no. She didn’t deserve to go, she was here to stay. Years later I clearly made the right decision; my Sophie continues to be loyal to me, and I to her. For all dogs that show such unconditional love, they deserve all the loyalty you have to give.

For my Sophie, I will always be loyal to you as you have been to me; I will care for you ’til you take your last breath one day – until then we will take lazy naps in the sun and enjoy each others company. My love for you is deep; not until I found you did I truly realize how much loyalty, care and love a dog can truly bring. I am the fortunate one and will be loyal to you every day, as you have been to me.

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    • Thank you! I appreciate your comment. She is a sweetheart. Couldn’t imagine life without her.

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