Delicious Memories

Just came back from beautiful New Orleans with a taste in my mouth I’ve been craving for years! Few years ago I visited NOLA for the first time and had the pleasure of eating at Meals From the Heart in the French Market. Since that first visit I recall the memory of my first bite into this delicious crab cake I was fortunate enough to experience again (and again because I ordered two on this trip! 🙂 ). Gluten free and full of goodness, I was able to relive my memory, savoring each and every bite. If you’re gluten free and have a chance, you must visit the French Market and experience these amazing, fresh crab cakes – you won’t regret it! I also had a fresh bowl of gumbo served with a side of delicious gluten free bread.

Another highlight from my trip was dinner and entertainment at Arnaud’s Jazz Bistro on Bienville. I enjoyed their live jazz while being served gluten free shrimp and grits; dinner combined with old time jazz left me feeling satisfied both mentally and physically. I found myself swaying back and forth to the sound of jazz still playing back in my head as I strolled back to Hotel Monteleone, full and satisfied, remembering each and every delicious bite.

For a different type of dinner and show, Royal House on Royal Street won my taste buds over with chargrilled oysters with parmesean butter cheese, which were fantastic. I sat on the first floor with a perfect wide open view into the street, where only in NOLA do you get to eat and see a wedding parade dance their way down just a few feet in front of you, the band beating their drums and tooting their trumpets, the wedding party dancing to the tune – pulling me in to want to join their celebration and dance. People watching plus a delicious meal is quite entertaining on the streets of NOLA.

The most memorable part of my trip was a visit to The Preservation Jazz Hall for an unbelievable, goose bump making, tears in your eyes live jazz show. I’ve never been in such an intimate setting where my soul danced to the beautiful music that was being created. The Preservation Jazz Hall was established in 1961 to honor traditional New Orleans Jazz and it sure did deliver.

From the street performers to the live jazz; from the food and relaxed vibe, New Orleans really has a lot to offer to just about anybody. I will miss you my beautiful NOLA, your flavors, your energy, your people and your heart – I hope we will get to meet soon, once again.

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