Train of Thoughts

The mind is a powerful, beautiful, scary thing. Scary because people underestimate the mind and it can run away with your thoughts if you allow it to. It’s very easy to attach ourselves to thoughts and emotions that can torture us; making us re-live unpleasant life experiences, negative possibilities, and fall into a deep depression all brought on from our own thoughts. Thoughts that keep us from excelling, thoughts that hold us back because of fear and as a result we miss out on life experiences and advancing ourselves.

You always hear and read motivational statements that you should push yourself; face your fears and you will succeed. That’s not easy, at all, and if someone says it’s easy then they’re not being honest.  It’s very hard to push, it’s very hard to face our fears. For me I can’t take a statement such as be positive or face my fears and be successful without going through a cleansing process of my mind.  I need to feel it; I need to filter the negative thoughts from my head, and it all comes from repetition and patience.

When a negative thought comes into my head I acknowledge it. After acknowledging it I say this thought is not wanted in my head and I let it pass by.  You think that simply saying “stop being negative” is an easy answer, but it’s not. You have to get down to the nitty gritty; when negative thoughts come to your mind acknowledge them, say you’re not going to give these thoughts the time of day, and let them go.  Visualizing a train of thoughts stopping and going helps me feel the negative thoughts driving away into the far distance. This visualization helps me stay more positive and not give any more attention to negativity. Once I’ve felt these emotions come and go, I can refocus my energy on positive thoughts and happiness and continue my everyday life.

This mindset takes months if not years to shape you into a positive, happy person, but it starts from within and it starts with facing your negative thoughts and training your mind to let them go. Expectations are also a big component of becoming a positive, happy person – expect the change to occur at a gradual pace.  It takes patience, time, understanding of yourself and forgiveness from within. We are human,we are not perfect, nor will we ever be. We are not born negative; it takes to time to re-program our minds as it took time to become negative – this is a learned behavior. You can not rely on someone else to make the change for you, if it be your partner, parent, or friend; it starts from you. Their influence may push you in the right direction, but ultimately you will be left alone with your thoughts and need to take responsibilty over them. 

It’s ok to have a negative thought, a worry, but you don’t have to let it take over; instead, acknowledge it, see it pass, and move on. Do this at quiet times of the day; I practice cleansing my mind on my commute to work or in the shower when it’s quiet. This doesn’t happen over night, but if you start the process one day it will click, and you’ll feel it and it will become second nature. You will become the person who recognizes other negative people because you remember how awful it was to feel like that and you’ve made a shift. Be patient with yourself, forgive yourself, and love yourself because you deserve it. You also deserve to be happy and that starts with a positive mind. 💜

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    • Thank you! It’s hard to do, but never in my life has it failed me. Sometimes it’s also nice to know other people go through the same issues and as human beings we all have different struggles we can overcome.

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