#Friday Feeling

I’ve come to a realization, as many of you already have, that people love Friday. All across social media there’s all sorts of excitement for Friday; thank goodness the weekend is here. Even though I agree with the excitement and catch myself sending out TGIF texts, I try to keep myself grounded and grateful for my week.

Did everything go well this week? Absolutely not. I could list and complain about  numerous issues I faced this week, from health, to work, to children; but I won’t. Why not complain? Simple. Complaining makes me re-live the problems I faced.  Complaining makes me feel those emotions I already overcame. It churns in my stomach when I complain, makes me feel I’ll thinking about problems out of my control that are causing me further, unnecessary distress. So I don’t. I choose not to. I choose to be happy. Why complain about something that’s already happened and I’ve already faced. I faced my week, I overcame my problems, did the best I could (even though at times it’s easy to say to ourselves we would’ve done better).

We all have obstacles we face daily; sometimes it’s voices in our heads telling us we could’ve done better, questioning our own actions, bringing harsh judgment upon ourselves. But do we not just do the best we can? We do. Everyday. We all do the best we can to our ability because if we didn’t then we wouldn’t exist. My best may be someone else’s worst. So reflecting back on the week know you did your best. You may have not met all of your goals, you may have not accomplished all your to do’s, but if you tried then you did the best you could for you.

As the week closes, and Friday is here, I will not celebrate the fact that it’s the weekend and forget my hard week; instead I will reflect on my best that I did all week. And anyway, tomorrow may not come, today is today; we will never be the same, every minute passes by, so enjoy the day, and as everyone says, happy Friday 🙂

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