Learning to Walk

I’ve been watching my 8 month old son moving around, trying to crawl, trying to walk, and it’s really truly inspirational.

Life can be tough. We put so much pressure on ourselves everyday, sometimes giving up when faced with a difficult task. People look to others, media, and books for inspiration; to those people who are successful and have “made it” to wherever their “it” is. But the mentality it takes us to reach our goals is simpler than you think, and most importantly, you already have it in you.

Take a look at the effort a baby gives to learn to walk. Every day they try, fall, and try again. They don’t give up until they succeed. That was you and I years ago – we had to learn to walk and never gave up. I have it in me, as you do, as we all have all along from the day we were born.

So what if we gave up then? We’d still be passed around by our parents and friends because we gave up on that goal of walking (now that’s a funny visual). As a baby you don’t give up. You don’t have a choice – giving up is not even an option!

I will not give up on my goals. I will not give myself an option. Don’t give yourself an option – and if you get down in the dumps, just picture your parent or friend passing you around like a baby, have a good laugh, and try again until you reach your goal. 😀 I bet the 8 month old you would.

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