Key to Happiness

What if we woke up successful and bypassed all the struggles to get to wherever it is we want to be? Woke up and did not feel discouraged or doubtful? Do you think that when you achieved your goal it would be as satisfying having bypassed the process?

I don’t think so. I feel the reason we have such satisfaction when we accomplish our goals is because at one time or another there was a struggle, there was a challenge, a problem that needed to be solved. When that goal is achieved we remember the process it took to get there, and we feel it – the happy, relaxed, satisfied feeling of accomplishment.

I remind myself when I feel discouraged and impatient that goals take time. Accomplishments take time. Life takes time. Nothing happens over night, nothing happens easily, without struggle and challenge. If I can keep that mentality going I feel I can accomplish anything I set my mind too, as can you. On days when we feel discouraged and that little voice sneaks into our heads, making ourselves doubt the choices we’ve made, we need to push on, tell ourselves “it’s okay, I will get there, as I’m not meant to be there just yet”.

In addition to understanding the process and the time to accomplish our goals we must understand life is meant to be challenging, we must not get lost in the process, hoping each day would go by so we can get to wherever we want to be. If you wish your days away to get ahead, soon you won’t have any left and all you will recall is the feeling of rushing your life away.

Enjoy your process. Enjoy every day. Feel your challenges, your journey, and be patient. When you reach your goal, look back and feel in your heart all the days that you enjoyed, the experiences you gained, and the memories you made, because the process is just as important as the destination. You really do hold the key to your happiness, it’s a matter of what doors you choose to unlock along the way that will determine the feel of your journey.

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