“Here comes the sun, and I say, it’s all right”

Music is amazing – it makes you feel and connect with yourself, others and the world. Music heals, can be therapeutic, make us feel emotions we may not want to face, and it can even make us laugh.

Music is a form of art; just as we look at a painting and describe our take on it, we listen to a song and describe how it makes us feel. Music touches everyone  differently and brings out emotions we may be trying to avoid.

A great exercise for your soul is to play some songs, some sad, some happy, and let  those songs bring our your feelings. You’d be surprised what comes to you that needs to be released – and once you face your feelings you heal and can move on, and in some cases you have a much-needed whole-hearted laugh. It is not until we face our fears and our feelings that we can move past them and be happy again. The funny thing about life is we try to control it as best we can, but don’t realize that worry gets us nowhere; what should be will be, and life will move and change on the path that you pave for it.

The Beatles “Here Comes the Sun” was first released in 1969, written by George Harrison. George Harrison was spending time at Eric Clapton’s country house, avoiding having to attend a meeting at the Beatles Apple Corps organization. The relief of not being at that meeting and the arrival of spring created the beautiful work of art – Here Comes the Sun. A song that he connected with, and so many other people connected with as well, making us feel in the moment.

The beautiful thing about music is it touches everyone differently. It’s personal, deep, and makes us connect with our own souls. No matter what is going on in our world, our day-to-day lives, our jobs, families, George Harrison’s words speak the truth: “Here comes the sun, and I say, it’s all right”. Our lives never stop until we are passed. Everyday the sun will always rise and set. Time does not stop (though sometimes it may feel as it does!). If you are burdened by troubles, by health, by family, always remember good days will come. The sun will always rise and bring you warmth. Every spring there is new life that awakens. Things are going to be all right, maybe not this second, but they will again. As long as you do the best you can, are kind, are compassionate, then things really will be all right. I feel that now, more than I ever have, and hope I can give you that feeling as well.

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