Mind Control

“The mind is everything, what you think you become.” – Buddha

Is this not just the most honest statement you’ve ever heard? I know I’ve personally experienced this. You think negative, you feel miserable. You think happy thoughts, and suddenly an uncomfortable situation turns into the best day ever. It’s funny how everything in our lives seems okay when we stop focusing on the negative.

It all starts in our minds. Change your thought process and you will reach happiness. Happiness comes from your mind; not possessions, not money, not vacations, not even your partner, children, pets – nothing other than your mind.

Happiness starts from you inside, because without that initial effort in your mind to look at everything with positive thoughts (no matter what), then you won’t enjoy your partner, children, pets, money, vacations; you’ll always find something wrong with the above – and that is toxic. The difficult thing about it is you have to be the one to make the change. No one can get in your mind and tell you to be happy; you can’t read motivational quotes to change your thought process (they may motivate you, but you have to take the action). You have to think it and create a positive thought from a negative situation.

Take time and analyze your thoughts and how they make you feel. Take time and recognize what thoughts make you feel better, ugly, bitter, sick; tell yourself you deserve to be happy, you deserve forgiveness from yourself, and that you are doing the best you can. Hold yourself accountable and stop letting your emotions and negative thoughts rule you.

You deserve to feel happy. Not because of someone else, of money, friends, possessions, family, or vacations; because of you inside. Be happy with you in your mind and you will be happy with everything that you experience in your life.

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