My good friend time, you are running away from me.

Days have gone by, weeks have gone by, and because my mind has been tangled up in life, I’ve neglected to share my positive words, so my apologies!

I will spare you the details of my worries and woes, but will share some things I’ve learned these past couple weeks – some tidbits I’ve told myself when feeling deflated with little faith in the justice system; some advice if you’re feeling like someone in your life is getting away with oh too much, and not being seen for who they truly are.

1. Don’t worry what you can’t control. If you have good intentions, are a good person, and are doing your best, then have faith, things will, eventually, work out.

2. Sometimes things can get a little worse before they get better, or seem to be getting worse. It’s okay if they do, they will get better. Life is funny because it does take care of you if you take care of yourself, and taking care means not worrying and having faith.

3. Unstable people will unfortunately sometimes be in your life. Limit your time with them, and most importantly, don’t waste your thoughts on “why” and “how could they be like this?” The truth is, you can’t explain or understand people who are unstable and have bad intentions; you can’t make sense out of craziness. No matter how hard you try to understand someone’s actions and behavior, unless it is normal, it won’t make sense to you. It would be nice if we could receive answers to all these questions we may have about life, but when it comes down to it, being understanding without the answers is what makes normal people normal.

Have faith, have good intentions, love and give as you are able to, and most importantly, don’t let evil, toxic people, corrupt your mind.

If they take up your time, use those around them to get a free ticket and avoid responsibility, then so be it. At some point the truth will be known, and those who have good intentions and good hearts, will eventually prevail. Anyway, I know I can sleep at night and look myself in the mirror every day because I am trying my best, giving love and care, and being at peace with what I cannot control.

Having to put some extra effort to find my happiness right now, but it’s still there. I won’t let others deflate my happy bubble and cause me to not give happiness to those around me. Hope you all have had a happy week with lots of happy thoughts 🙂

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