“Here comes the sun, and I say, it’s all right”

Music is amazing – it makes you feel and connect with yourself, others and the world. Music heals, can be therapeutic, make us feel emotions we may not want to face, and it can even make us laugh. Music is a form… Read More

What if I fall?

“There is freedom waiting for you, on the breezes of the sky, and you ask  “what if I fall?” Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?”  – Erin Hanson So much emotion and feeling behind just a few words. Erin Hanson… Read More

Pan Seared Scallops

It has been pretty cold, colder than the norm, and this cold has left me craving hot foods. So this tasty Tuesday recipe brings you delicious, hot, pan seared scallops. Scallops are very delicate and really don’t need much seasoning, similar to… Read More

Key to Happiness

What if we woke up successful and bypassed all the struggles to get to wherever it is we want to be? Woke up and did not feel discouraged or doubtful? Do you think that when you achieved your goal it would be… Read More

Happy Oath 

Happy oath: Today I will not let other people’s negative energy affect me – I will not let anyone burst my bubble, bring me down, or make me feel bad. Everyone deserves to be happy, everyday, but sometimes situations out of our… Read More

Perfect Pearls

I’ve many a times bought myself a lottery ticket in hopes of hitting it big; in hopes that I could free myself from the everyday stress of work, of life. I wanted to take the pressure off of me – allow myself… Read More

Baked King Crab Legs

This tasty Tuesday recipe is a simple recipe for baked king crab legs -simple because it has just a few ingredients and tasty because it just is delicious. King crab legs already are so tasty and really do not need much seasoning… Read More

Learning to Walk

I’ve been watching my 8 month old son moving around, trying to crawl, trying to walk, and it’s really truly inspirational. Life can be tough. We put so much pressure on ourselves everyday, sometimes giving up when faced with a difficult task…. Read More

#Friday Feeling

I’ve come to a realization, as many of you already have, that people love Friday. All across social media there’s all sorts of excitement for Friday; thank goodness the weekend is here. Even though I agree with the excitement and catch myself… Read More

Train of Thoughts

The mind is a powerful, beautiful, scary thing. Scary because people underestimate the mind and it can run away with your thoughts if you allow it to. It’s very easy to attach ourselves to thoughts and emotions that can torture us; making… Read More

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